Custom Fonts

I help companies tell the story of their brands and products through original typeface designs.

In the Works

Follow along from A to Z as I explore the typefaces that rise up out of a place and come to define it. Then watch as I create a new font family inspired by each place.

Nine vintage surf posters with Paradise Point

To countdown the final days of the Paradise Point introductory sale, I re-created nine classic surf posters using it and some swell surf pix by Swell’s own Forest Dempsey. […]

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Getting to Paradise Point

Paradise Point was birthed from the single-weight Pleasure Point I designed for Comicraft back in 2014. This was another font (like Hyperspace Race) that I always wanted to make more fun and extensive, with wides and bolds and extra features and such. And it’s finally here! My first step was stretching and pulling the tall […]

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Building on decades of experience as a designer of fonts for comic books, video games, TV shows and movies, John Roshell’s Swell Type takes inspiration from the real-world signs and scenery of California, presenting fun, friendly, functional fonts inspired by everything from the Gold Rush and fruit-crate labels to surf and skateboard culture, Silicon Valley, aerospace industry and the entertainment biz.